Bioluminescent Bay Excursion

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Let the magic of the Bioluminescent Bay sparkle and dance in the water beneath you. Even the fish glow and anything that comes into contact with the water will leave a florescent trail behind it! Total tour time is approx. 2 hours long.

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Laguna Grande, also known as “The Bio Bay”, is a must-see for anyone in Puerto Rico.  Touted by most as an “indescribable” experience, let the magic of the bioluminescence sparkle and dance in the water beneath you.  Fish will glow and anything that comes into contact with the water will leave a florescent trail of “unbelievability” behind you!  Professional tour guides will dazzle you with knowledge and personality which no doubt will leave you with stories to tell for years to come!

With exclusive access allowing the shortest trip to the bay, and smaller group sizes assuring the best and most hands-on encounter, this is the “best way to do the bay.” Tour time is 7:00 pm *nightly and wraps up around 9 pm.


Quick Info

Check-In: 7:00 PM (*this will fluctuate throughout the year with the sunset)
Duration: 2 Hours
Important Info: We have all 2 and 3 person kayaks with a 500 lbs weight limit.

11 reviews for Bioluminescent Bay Excursion

  1. Anthony & Meg

    A tour we will never forget! One of the most exciting parts about the excursion is that the employees know exactly where to take you in the bay so you can experience it to the fullest. We went with my family of five and we had a blast. Gracias!

  2. Darlene Garcia

    Being a lover of environmental sciences all my life, I can say that the bioluminescent kayaking tour was one of the most breathtaking moments I’ve experienced.

  3. Monica M.

    The guide said you can only experience glowing water like this in four other places in the world it it definitely shows! So gorgeous and peaceful!

  4. Melissa H.

    Great experience. Highly recommend

  5. Tiffany Lopez

    Great tour. Very knowledgeable guides

  6. Amber & Jeff Garcia

    Highly recommend this once in a lifetime tour, we went out at 7:30 at night and it was perfect.

  7. Carrie Bryant

    Carry a huge supply of bug spray your definitely gonna need it! especially in the channel leading into the Bio Bay.

  8. Robert Bass

    This is a MUST if you are in PR; great service & tour. BUG SPRAY recommended

  9. Barbara Jones

    You dont wanna miss this tour! be mindful on mosquitoes

  10. Janice Griffin

    Indescribable feeling when you see the water glowing!!! Highly recommended

  11. Brian Gage

    Had a fantastic time, Ivan was a great guide, pleasant and personable. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything to the group. We went on a highly moonlit night so he brought a tarp to put over us to block out the light and make the experience more enjoyable, very thoughtful! Highly recommended!

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